Monday, April 25, 2011

Is Points2Shop a Scam

Is Points2Shop a Scam or Not? 
It's OK to be skeptical of sites survey like these, however, Points2Shop is far from being a scam, it's actually one of the very best survey sites you will ever find, anywhere. I've been with Point2Shop over a year and I earn money and have my payment proof to prove that Points2Shop is diffidently not a scam. 

Why Most People Can't Earn Money Online
Most people, even my own family, after seeing me pay all my bills with money I've earned from Points say it's a scam. They know it's not a scam but rather they use that as an excuses or a way to avoid doing any research or work - they can just go back to watching tv and crying about not having any money. 

Points2shop has single handily dethroned every other Survey Site on the web and quickly became the Internets darling and my favorite survey site ever. From just the first few minutes of looking at the home page I knew this was going to be a good one - I have never been more right about anything in my life.

One great feature about Points2shop is all the proof of payment right on the first page of the site. There is also a Chat box where you can chat with other members and even click on there name and see there payment proof, very cool.

My Proof of Payment From Points2Shop
All you need to do is click on other members name to see what the have earned. Here is a list of scam survey sites if you want to take a look, but my advice is to focus on the good ones only. 

All you need is one really good survey sites and your well on your way to earning free money. I'm sure it won't take long before you to see it's clearly not a scam. Once you've seen more than enough proof of payment, join and start earning free money without any worries.

How And When Do I Get Paid?
  • You can join from any country as a affiliate however only people from United States,
    Canada, and United Kingdom can do offers
  • You can be paid via: Check, PayPal, AlertPay, E-Gold, Liberty Reserve Minimum payout is: $20 for a check, $1 for PayPal and AlertPay
  • You must be 18 or 13 with parental consent
  • Points2shop requires you to verify your account by email
  • Only one account per household
Now that you have a better understanding of survey sites your ready to start making some free and easy money.

Points2shop Paypal Payment Proof

Is This Legit?
I know what your probably thinking: "It sounds too good to be true" and that's the best part, It does sound good, and it is good, don't miss out on a great free opportunity. If your still not convinced after seeing current payment proof that Points2shop isn't a scam then my all means, read a few reviews, investigate, do more research.

When starting out with earn money with Points2Shop, you have to be realistic with your expectations. It will take time so you need to patiently follow through at first. With time, patience and the right strategy, it is not impossible for you to earn a few hundreds a month or more.


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