Monday, May 2, 2011

Need Money - Work From Home FREE

Need Extra Money to Pay Bills?

It seems we all need money for one thing or another, thankfully we have the best tool in the world at our finger tips, the Internet. 

Anybody can work from home, never pay a dime and make themselves rich using very simple methods, and yes, I said make yourself rich. First let's understand why most people still need money even thought money is all around us like never before.

How Much Money Do You Really Need?

Your probably thinking you can't get rich using free sites but you really can, maybe not a millionaire but nobody needs all that. I've proven you can get rich using completely free sites and methods, in a very short time. 

What is being Rich?
What makes a person rich, that's a very serious question. Being rich is having time and money, time being the keyword. Let me show you an example, If you won the lottery an you got 5 million dollars today, would you go to work tomorrow? 

If your answer is no then you realize there is nothing more important than time, and you don't like your job very much, your only doing it for the money. Your selling the most valuable thing you could ever sell, your precious time.

The True Secret To Getting Rich
To become rich or even pay your bills you must sell something. The fact is, all the rich people in the world had to sell something. You've got to figure out what your willing to sell. Before you can work from home. You should also understand why most people still need money even after being educated for over 10 years.

Einstein was told by teaches, he'd never amount to anything
Need Money, Sell Your Time
If your thinking you don't have anything to sell your wrong. What most people don't realize is if you have a job there's a good chance your already selling your time. 

All Jobs Suck!
There is nothing in the world I want to do for 8 hours a day, everyday, that's just crazy. How do make a person believe that it's normal to sit anywhere all day everyday, I'll try to explain how that works.

Your taught at an early age how to endure long days of sitting in hard chairs, this was to prepare you for exhausting 8 hour work days, later in life. 

You were held by law and taught worthless subject, basically incarcerated until you reached working age, military age, college age. 

After 10+ years of education you were told your now qualified to work fast food jobs, unless your willing to roll the dices and pay $1,300 for books this semester but if you crap out (which most people do) you'll be trapped in a life time of debt.

The Jeff Foxworthy Effect 
Have you ever heard of the show "Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader" that's not just the name of the show, its also an old Amish saying.

What it actually is a reference to is, after 5th grade, any true education has been, for the most part, completed and training starts an actually prevents you from learning or doing anything useful with your youth. 

How can I take your order?
No true knowledge can be given away at any public school. Any real information is water down and geared for employee productions and sold for at super inflated fees in college. 

How else can get a intelligent high school graduate to clean up after you and bring you drinks in a Daisy Duke costume, that's an example of miseducation.

Where's the Classes on Home Business?
If your a high school grad, you must admit, you spent a lot of time learning dead facts, charts, time lines, prepositional phrases, formulas, all that time wasted. You could have learned how to build a house, learned how to invest in the stock market, instead you made a macaroni neck-less.  

A List of Worthless high school subjects - by show of hands, who can name another worthless high school subject?

  • Algebra
  • Spanish
  • French
  • U.S. government
  • World history
  • Economics
  • Geometry
  • Trigonometry
  • Calculus
  • Speech

Schools takes way choices
They tried to make you feel stupid and you were brilliant - you was right the whole time, "X" never did equal "Y", for all means and purposes, that's flat out miseducation, they confused an kept you confused and they did it for money. 

Nobody needs Trigonometry
Can you image going from Geometry to Algebra then to World history, in less than 4 hours and be expected to learn anything even if the information wasn't trivial. It's not possible to learn or build any true relationship with your instructors a hour at a time.

That's the point, If you were to become a well rounded person you wouldn't need money, you would never think of going to college or the military and most jobs high paying or not would be a very hard sell to a well rounded person.

However  we must will our-self and overcome all our past bad work habits and the distractions technology bring, maybe even turn off the T.V. Take the time to really focus on are problems and you find most of them start a long time ago but can be over come, we can have the money we want and need with just a little focus.

Need Money? Work from Home!

If you need money, JUST MAKE IT!
Making money from home about 2 years now and it has never been easier than it is right NOW! Gone are the days of spending $149.99 for an e-book or program to get good information and start earning money online. 

Anyone can simply Google search or use YouTube to find the same or better information completely free.

Why aren't you making lots of money? 
Once you find a legit way to earn money you move to the next step, don't keep joining site after site and never really do anything on any of them. Sounds crazy but I did that for almost a year, half watching T.V. and getting nothing done.

Why is it so hard to do what we know we should be doing, like posting to our blog once every few days or at least drop a few links in Facebook or something. It seems like such a simple thing but it may be bigger than us.

So, Why Isn't Everyone Earning Money Online?

A large part of the reason why most don't earn money online can be blamed on simple human nature, were just hard wired to take the easy way out.

That's why we make and use tools, to make work easier. After all, we were made to lie in green pastures.

We all need money - we also need supervisors, deadlines and managers to keep us on track, make sure we all stay productive. 

Remember back 15 years ago when computer was thought to save us from having to commute to work. We could simply work from home, sounds good, but that never caught on.

Execute Your Plan!
Take Action, That's it.

Let's fast forward to 2012, and still millions of us still need to get up and put on our business attire and commute to our cubical. All this wasted time and fuel because for the most part we won't do it on our own.

We can't work from home, at least most of us can't work at home. We need someone to supervise us before we can get anything done. There is no better tool than the Internet, It almost too good, too much information, too much entertainment, information overload. To overcome all these distractions requires a plan.

Say No 2 a Thousand Things
I remember many nights when I should have been updating my blog or submitting an articles but I was playing online poker or Call of Duty. I was doing everything else but what I needed to do to really earn money online.

If we can just put aside our need for entertainment and put earning money online, first and foremost in our mind. Once we make up are minds, just decide to actually do it - you'll find you'll have no problem earning money online free.

It's 2013, No More Time for Games
Anything worth doing is worth doing quickly. That's a serious statement. It is unrealistic to think you have unlimited time, YOU DON'T!

Time really does fly and before you know It your in bed wounding why you didn't do anything productive today, you will still need money tomorrow, so act today. 

You really got to be focused and stick to your plan. Even if it's just a simple plan, which are often the best plans. If your plan is to post something to your blog once every few days - that a good plan and can be very profitable, but ONLY if you actually do it.

More Action Less Procrastination
Is it easier to search endlessly for traffic free methods or is it easier to create a blogs post? 

I know I got lost in the endlessly searching, googling the same sites and watching the same videos over and over, full-well knowing what it takes to get free traffic to my blog and affiliate sites.

No matter how badly we need money, most of us won't consistently do even the simplest task for any period of time. It's not all your fault, your not the only one to blame, despite all that it up to you now.

Live is a cake walk, once you start walking.

Sites where anyone who needs money, Can really start making money from home without having to learn anything new or spend a single dime. 
  1. Gifthulk
  2. Swagbucks
  3. Points2shop
  4. Get-Paid
  5. TreasureTrooper


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