Monday, December 3, 2012

Get Paid to Surf the Net

If your searching the Internet looking for a way to get paid to surf the web and watch videos, your in luck. Yes, you really can get paid for surfing the Internet, or even get paid to watch videos! 

I am currently using and reviewing over 40 different free sites looking for the very best and easiest ways to make extra money from home. I found a few really good that Search and Win sites pays unlimited money via Paypal!

So Many Sites, So Little Time
I won't waste your time with reviewing sites that are scams or don't work well. I only review GPT (Get Paid To) Sites with good reputations but every now and then I run across some sites that don't works so well, either way I give you a full and honest review.

Getting Paid to Watch Videos and Much More

Swagbucks is a really cool search and win site that allows you search the net, watch video's and many other simple ways to earn free prizes and earn money, best part is it's completely free. What make Swagbucks stand out for all the sites that claim to pay you to surf the net is that with Swagbucks you now only get paid to surf the net your also paid to to watch videos.

My Proof of Payments 2013
I know what your probably thinking: "It sounds too good to be true" but it is true - you really can get paid to surf the net, get watch videos and many other ways. So far I've eared over 60,000 Swag Bucks in less than one year.

I earn $25 dollars a week with swagbucks!
My favorite reward is the Paypal Gift Card (Cash Money). I've earned over 40,000 Swag Bucks that brakes down to roughly $450 dollars in Paypal cash, the easiest money ever.

If you haven't joined Swagbucks,  your missing out on a free stream of income you can start earning money right now and keep making money all day long, signing up online take a few minutes.

Search & Win

Other Ways To Earn SwagBucks:

1.) The most popular strategy of attaining points is by referring your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and blog accounts. for every Swag Buck your friends earn you earn too, up to 1,000.

2.) Earn Swag bucks by searching and watching videos using SBTV (Swagbucks TV), you can earn up to 75 Swag Bucks a day just from watching Videos alone. You can bookmark your frequently used sites as Swagbucks searches to get a chance to earn points every time you visit them.

3.) If you are new to Swagbucks, search after you sign up to earn Swag Bucks for your first search.

4.) I recommend using a combination strategy of searching and SBTV (up to 75 SB per day) for your primary methods of earning, plus a few extra Swag Bucks through NOSO, the toolbar, the Daily Poll, playing Games (up to SB 10 per day).

Search & Win

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