Friday, February 1, 2013

Is ClixSense A Scam

Is ClixSense a Scam - Review and Payment Proof

Posted by  Kobbie  / Feb 1, 2013
ClixSense is a PTC Site that is absolutely free to join, there's a verity of ways to earn money and advertise. You earn money by viewing ads for 30 seconds, you can also earn money and they send you money, it's just that easy.

ClixSense has been faithfully paying it members since February 2007. I've been a member almost a year but only been active over the last few months, I've been paid multiple times. ClixSense is the fastest growing PTC site because it works!

I suggest reading that your read on or if your but have very little time, you can click here to sign up for free now! 

Get Paid Every Thirty Seconds
ClixSense claims you will get paid every thirty seconds and come to find it really is true. On the surface ClixSense may seem like a slow way to earn  money but actually it's a very lucrative sites mostly due it's affiliate program. 

Whenever your direct referrals click on PTC Ads, purchase through 8 levels your earn a commission! 
I suggest reading on, but if you’re short of time or don’t have patience (like me), you can click here to sign up for free now! 

Here's My Payment Proof - Clixsense is no Scam

I can personally testify that because ClixSense has proven itself  not to be a scam as shown on the left. This is my Paypal statement (Jan 21, 2013) which proves it's very legitimate. 

Both advertisers and consumers are gathered on Clixsense earning money free and get targeted traffic. 

How Are You Paid?
ClixSense pays out via Paypal once you earn $8 threshold or your can be paid via check or Alert Pay.

There is a processing fee to send you a checks, It's only $1.50, but I've never gotten a check, I prefer Paypal payments. 

If you want some free tips and tricks or interested in a Surefire Earning Plan, Please feel free to leave me a comment here or send me a private email (

ClixSense has the only and best 8 level referral program you'll ever find, ClixSense is no scam.


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